Sunday, December 9, 2018

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PHP MySQL Master from Scratch with Projects

     Duration : 5 Hours
     Download : Class Work + 8 Resources
     Notes: 7 Article
     Access: Life Time
     Level : Basic to advance (5 Projects)

Course goal

Indus course you will be able to completely learn from basic. No doubt, you will be able to know how to code in php. In addition, you can create some projects with the help of my sql database.
 completed some sign in signup and crude operation add edit delete as well as. 

Next, we will use some basic operations over the form. Just like create number generated password generator some perform conditions over the form.

Course requirements

You don't need to know from basics. You don't have any skill to use this course you completely don't worry about anything.

 we are here, and we will tell you each and everything from. Start you need to have some basic software’s these are serious just like them software windows operating system. Or this course is compatible for every operating system.

 furthermore, you also need to have some web browser. A freeware just like google chrome and you need to have some code editor just like atom code editor.

Course description:

In this course you will able to learn many things easily that how you can create php programs with the help of project. We will be started from very basic and tell you. How to install software just like a xamppsoftware.

Now in detail I am going to define what you will learn from this. Course and after the end of this course you will be able to create your own projects. It's guaranteed ok so in the first project I have created some basic things. That will really help you to know how to make a form and make it works.

Project 1: Php basic operation

You will know how to make a password generator and how to connect your database with php. Second thig, I will also give you take another from given name as number generator. There are many forms we will work over it. Moreover, you can easily know that some special things.

Also Learn : Php MVC - CRUD with CodeIgniter Framework

 just like how to pass information with the help of form in html and CSS. How to design it and after that you will easy know. That how we can work with conditions and some editions. Operations also perform in this project.

  • Number Generator
  • Password generator
  • Arithmetical Operation

Project 2 sing in & sign up form

Ok after the completion of the basic of form and some php operations overhead now we will jump on some advanced level programming in the php technology ok you will able to learn some important things just like a I am going to give you an idea how to create a sign in from sign out from.

When user try to create its account, it is needing to register first after that. He will able to sign in with its username and password. After the checking of write username and correct password you will be able to access some web pages. That is session protected it means that no one can access without sign in.

  • Sign in 
  • Sign up 

Project 3: admin panel: crud operation – add edit delete update

After the completion of 2nd project in 3rd project I am going to define that how to use some member from ok when member come into the database now it is time to you some operations over the database just like if you have millions of members.
 now you must need to perform some administration option that is why we have created a user and special web pages call it admin panel ok in the admin panel admin can add users and admin can easily manage the users the operations of the admin are accrued operations.

 we call it create add delete update and much more operations which only single admin can perform in this project.

  • Add 
  • edit 
  • Update 
  • Delete

Project 4: page navigation search record and contact us form

Ok after crud operation now we will jump in final project give it name as how to search records from the database and you will able to know that sorry dear friend if you have a million of record into the database you need to know about page navigation.

You must need to have a page with where you can display your record according to numbers of record on single page after that we will add next link for next 10 written that is why we will create a page navigation with the help of pages we can display all records into page wise.

 it is very simple and easy for right now in next we will also run about into the php technology about search records from the data database ok after the completion of this finally we complete the contact us form ok.

  • Page navigation 
  • Search 
  • Contact



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