Sunday, December 9, 2018

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PHP Web Developer Course with Project

     Duration : 6 Hours
     Download : Class Work 24 Resources
     Notes: 1 Article
     Access: Life Time
     Level : Basic to advance (Project)

Course goal

Yes, and you will be able to learn many things from my course. In this way, it is complete web application development course in PHP Technology. In addition, you will be able to create your own projects and your own web applications as easily as much as you do.

Course requirements

Simply the best Sun technologies are important for your course in my course exempt server where we can execute a PHP file some web browser just like Google Chrome.

And last but not the least we need to have atom source code editor. Where we can create a program and manage add source code with colorful style in black background.

Php MVC - CRUD with CodeIgniter Framework

Course description:

Php Web Application Front End
Now it's time to talk about what you will be able to learn and this course first we have a basic web application in this application in the front page for users. Where user can place the order and after registration user can check its order dismiss its order.

Next, track as well and user can place multiple Orders and manage their orders on the member panel ok and before any order number required registration. Finally, we have also registration form where user can sign in and sign out as easy as you can do.

User Features

  • ·         Visitor can sign up
  • ·         Sign in
  • ·         Place Order
  • ·         Check Status of order
  • ·         Search their order

Php Web Application Back End Admin Panel

In the admin panel admin can manage orders just like add edit delete and dispatch track its order and much more you can do in the web applications recreated. All this source code in just simple PHP programming and my SQL back and ok with back.
Now I also give your idea how to use coding in the PHP with my SQL Technology right and it is very easy simple we use some templates you don't need to create at yourself we have predefined some template where we can use a coding and check its output result.

Admin Features
  • ·         Admin can manage orders
  • ·         Add edit delete update
  • ·         Dispatch orders

Conclusion of the Course

I hope student enjoyed a lot when watch my course last but not the least learn many things from by myself we provide you complete class work project source code and many resources.

 Where you can learn anything as easy as you can I need your 5 to 6 hours where you can easily create and run your web application. Code with the help of PHP technology and my SQL database back end



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